Thursday, August 27, 2009

Down the lane

For me it was always 'up the lane' to go the the house and 'down the lane' to go to the mailbox. However, I find that most people think that going to the house is 'down the lane' and the mailbox 'up the lane'. You ask, "Who cares?".

Well, evidently I do or I wouldn't be allowing my fingers to follow my brain. We lived on a hill, thus heading toward the house meant that we had to go 'up the hill'. Now how could you go down the lane or up the lane and it mean the same thing? Maybe it depends on the length of the lane plus the level of the gound. The old Langston home was built in the middle of the mile square land that housed our family lands. This was not unusual for old farmsteads that consisted of large acreage. The farmhouse was built in the middle of the lands. I would think that going down a long lane as such would be going down the road.

I think that Dorothy went down the Yellow Brick Road. Going up the Yellow Brick Road just does not sound right. So perhaps we really did go 'down the lane'.

I find it disturbing that I lived 'down' this lane for 18 years and was sure I was living 'up' the lane. Yet it has nothing to do with anything. However, for a small child raised with such information, confusion can come later in life when one says, "I feel down" or perhaps when it comes to moving up in a career.

Since I can't decide if I was up or down, I think I close with this one thought. No matter if it is up or down, you get to mailbox one way or another.

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