Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fertile Ground

When reading a novel, I came across a passage in which the farmer was clearing his field of stones in order to plant his crops. It brought back memories of working with my dad in the fields. When he  plowed his fields, rocks surfaced and needed to be picked up. I walked back and forth across the field picking up the rocks and tossing them onto the drag. (A drag is an implement made up of long pieces of wood hooked to gether so they could roll over the terrain behind the tractor.) When the drag was full, we would pile the rocks against the fence row creating a rocky wall.

Years later fence rows became a thing of the past. Fences were taken down and rocks were moved or buried to make more area for raising crops and so tractors could manuever more easily at the end of the fields. Neighbors learned to cooperate with the changes that evolved when fields connected with no marked boundary. The land was no longer chopped into oversized cages. The old rock piles were 3’ under.

If I were to make an analogy, it would involve communication – no fences, no stones and cooperation. Sounds like fertile tilling to me.

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