Friday, September 4, 2009

Animals and me

Once in awhile you will hear me share stories about animals. When I was growing up, animals lived outdoors, and there was no giving in to it. If God had meant animals to live in the house, he would have created them house trained. Personally, I wonder if we were house trained when we were created. I'm thinking not. In fact, as I have heard, we didn't even have houses.

So, I come to the point of this blog. I fought Dad for years about the intelligence of creatures and the stupidity of some two-legged critters. Finally, I had my voice.

A few years ago I was watching a special on dolphins. The program was showing how different varieties of dolphins reside in different parts of the world. Authorities had been notified that a herd of dolphins had been spotted wtih strange growths on their noses. When investigated, it was found that the mammals had devised a way to protect their noses while searching for food around the coral. These dolphins managed to wrap sponges over their snoots as protection against the sharp coral. They even taught the skill to others. For this observer, it was an incredibly funny sight. However, the significance of ocean mammals using tools, in fact wearing protective coverings, was mind boggling.

Then I watched another show about a baby elephant that couldn't stand after it was born. The baby could only get onto its knuckles. It couldn't nurse or move on with the herd. The herd needed to move on but would not leave the newborn. The next morning the mother looked as weary as any human mom after a night of worry. The baby was terribly weak. Then, the tyke managed to get to his feet. He nursed and gained strength. When he was strong enough, the herd moved on.

Determinations, creativity. Not words that we often think of with the animal kingdom. But what wonderful surprises. What of mankind? Do you think the world of the wild looks on us with awe and wonder? Or are they just busy dodging our bombs, our bullets, our determination to take over see them extinct?

Ah, Dad, I continue to expand my mind.
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