Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chicken Catcher Wins

Yes, Kevin Skinner is now the million dollar winner of America's Got Talent. Most people would think of his new career in music. Me? Looks to me like there is an opening for a new chicken catcher. This is something I know about.

Growing up with fresh eggs for breakfast usually involved walking to the chicken house wriggling you hand beneath an old fat hen stealing her eggs. There was a technique to keeping the chicken content on her nest while you sneaked you hand over the the top of the box and under her warm body. I was always terrified that she might be harboring a mouse under there. Now you could remove the chicken from the nest, but, usually that involved flapping of wings and other chickens in panic mode sure that a fox has wandered in. Chickens are not smart.

My friend, Brenda, and I were often bored. There is only so much you can do on a farm, so creativity is called for on those occasions. We found that we could hypnotize chickens by grabbing them, pinning their beaks to the gound and, with a stick, draw a straight line in the dirt away from the chicken's beak. The darn birds would sit there looking at that line not moving a feather.

Now if you are a chicken catcher, it's a great way to capture and hold quickly. If you are two little girls, it is a great way to have fun. If you are the father of one of the two little girls, you are frustrated to once more to find your chickens staring at lines.

My grandkids will never sneak their hands under an unsuspecting chicken to savor a fresh egg. They will never know the delight in spying on Dad when he discovers his crossed-eyed chickens staring at lines. They can share a chuckle with their grandma as I paint a picture in words of my life on the farm. They will be the keepers of the stories much like stories that have been handed down over generations from the beginning of time.

My granddaughters look forward to visitng the farm some day. New people live there now. I'm not sure I can go back again. I hurts so much to be away from it. Yet, if they have chickens, I just might be tempted to find a couple of sticks and let my grandgirls step back in time.

I hope you will check out today. Food for thought. Thanks to all of you who are keeping up with my blogs. My journey is yours and your journey is mine. Thank you.

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