Friday, September 18, 2009

Country Road

Country Road. Neff Road. Family. Support. Love. Home.

I didn't leave Neff Road. It came along with me to Wisconsin then to Oregon. The people there were and have been  those who helped to mold the me I am. Never was I without a loving parent no matter whose home I visited, no matter what my age. Even when I didn't know it, these people watched over me. Even when I didn't know it, these people did their best to care for me.

Home was a place, but more so, the people were my home. With many of the older generation gone, we sisters find it hard to know the local news. One of us will hear something about home then go online or send out emails to find out what is happening in Darke County. I follow the local paper keeping up with my roots. I'm sure the people there would wonder why I care. For me, I can't think of why I wouldn't.

I didn't know until I was grown how much our neighbors at the end of the lane understood how lonely I was as a child. I didn't realize how much I was loved by Raymond and Lena. Little did I understand the gift I gave to my relatives by my visits, my listening ear. Until my parents' funerals, I had never been hugged by some of those tough, old farmers who watched me grow up and cared. Many of those living there have surely forgotten the memories or at least placed them in a "that was then" box. But for many of us who move away, we hold those memories and people as dearly as we did then. Maybe more so now.

Country Road. Neff Road. Home.

1971. We crawled into the car leaving our little farm in Ohio to move to a new life in Wisconsin. As we pulled out of the driveway, Mom and Dad waving good-bye, I turned on the radio. John Denver was singing, "Country Road take me home...."

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