Friday, September 11, 2009

Farming in the Dark

9/11. The attack on the United States. We remember the anger, the fear and, most of all, the vulnerability.

When I was a little girl, I remember standing in the backyard of our house looking toward Dayton. Huge search lights scanned the skies. We could clearly see them even though we were 35 miles away. World War II was over yet our country was still living under the fear of attack. We still had info commercials on TV telling children to hide beneath their desks should we be attacked. I remember it well.

Dad told the story often of his experience during the war. Blackouts were scheduled occasionally to prepare US citizens for potential attacks. Blinds were pulled, lights turned off. The enemy planes couldn't find a target if they couldn't see it. But Dad was a farmer. He was working during the day trying to make whatever money he could to support his family and farming most times at night. On one such blackout night, Dad was farming. A lone light in the darkness. He wasn't aware of the blackout until a plane began to descend on him. The lights coming right at him. Quickly, he hit the tractor lights then sat alone in the dark field, his heart pounding. My dad, always fearless, was terrfied.

Farming in the dark. Sometimes I think we live in the dark. How do we bridge the differences between people? How can we be a light in the world, one that won't be a target? So much pain and fear in the world. We need positive veiws and outreach in a world that has so many who would pick up guns and hate rather than to allow us all to keep the lights on and to not be afraid.

Remembering 9/11 and a lone farmer in the field.

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