Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Milky Way

Why can't we see the Milky Way in Beaverton, Oregon? The nightly sky over the farm was filled with a bizillion stars. The Milky Way paved a stardust highway overhead. So why isn't it in my sky here?

I've told my granddaughters about it. They look at our sky then back at me. "Why can't we see it if it is there?" Well, I don't know. I wish my astronomer uncle was here to help me through this question. No doubt about it. These girls will need to go to Ohio to see the sky for themselves.

Many nights Dad would take us outside pointing out the constellations and planets. No planetarium can compare to the bedazzled sky that hung just outside of our house. I remember seeing a comet go along the horizon when I was a child. The long tail follow the white star. And, I stood in the yard looking at the distance sky as the Northern Lights danced to unheard music.

I don't know where this relationship between the stars and my family began. Perhaps it was Captain Loxley sailing across the Atlantic from England. Maybe it was Robin Hood living beneath these same stars in Sherwood Forest. It could be that we just stood around a lot looking up waiting for something to happen. Slow times on the farm.  Whatever it is, I'm thrilled that Dad pointed out our beautiful celestial ceiling. I just can't figure out why the Milky Way doesn't go over this O state.

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