Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Neff Road

Neff Road.

The Millers lived in the house at the north end of the road. Rev Miller talked in one of his sermons about a play Rowena and I had performed for him.

Uncle Keith and Aunt Kate lived a few houses down. I played there many days during the summer when Aunt Kate wasn't teaching. Kenton, Karen and I played dress up and acted out plays. Of course, we played Robin Hood. He was a Locksley, you know.

The Hockers lived across the road. Margaret was my Sunday School teacher. Harold was always an usher at church.

Raymond and Lena Linder lived next to Uncle Keith's house. They were like second family to me throughout my entire life.

Janet and Don lived on down from them. They were the 'newcomers' to the road but there for the duration of my time there. They were the 'kids' down the road.

The Tenny's lived on the corner when I was little. I remember hiding in their garage one time for some reason. I think we were in trouble.

Hollie and Margaret, Brenda (my best friend), Bill and Carol lived in the next house. My second family. They loved me as much as their own.

Doris and Victor Lavy lived across the road. We played baseball in their pasture. No one ever wanted me on their team.

Next was our house. A lovely sight on a slight rise. My castle.

The bridge was next down the road. Dad and the Boy Scouts had planted a woods there. I sat there watching the water as the sun rose on the day we sold the farm. Never had I seen geese on the creek until that morning when two landed below the cement abutment where I sat. I knew they had come to say, 'good bye'.

Welbaum's lived in the next house. They had hounds that barked at everything all hours of the day. Who could forget the pigs.

Irene Eberwine lived in the next house with her grown son, Emerson. He was a slow learner and sold greeting cards door to door.

Spitler's lived in the next house. June ran around with Donna. Sometimes they camped out in the creek bottom.

And the end of the road ended up facing Inez and Ola Viet's home. Two single sisters who lived in the house forever. When they died, their nephew bulldozed the entire house and furnishings. So many antiques. Memories erased.

Such was Neff Road when I was growing up. A community unto itself that nurtured the children who grew up there. My heart is not big enough to hold all of the love I have for those people on that road, those people who saw me grow up as a child. Everyone should have a Neff Road.


Janet said...

And now we are the only ones left on Neff Rd that you remember. My heart aches for all those wonderful people that we called "neighbors". And we were "kids" when we came here almost 48 years ago! I love reminiscing with you, Pam. Makes me think about "Karr" Road and the memories of my growing-up years!

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. It keeps me closer to home and my memories there. You live on a very well-loved road. I will never have enough time to write it all. Thank you for sharing. 48 years!?!?!?