Friday, September 25, 2009

Out Darn Truck

Tonight I'm missing neighbors. I don't know of a time in my entire growing up that neighbors didn't help one another. Helping a sick family, one in mourning, joining with other neighbors to help with crops, The list goes on and one. We neighbored.

People dropped in on one another some bringing over food to share, fresh baked pies, bucket of pears, freshly canned jars of pickles. Sometimes it was a just a visit, time to sit and talk. The churches in the neighborhood all pitched in regardless of religion. Farmers shared equipment. Farm people were more like family than friends. Golly, I miss it.

Today my neighbor and I had a disagreement. I moved into my duplex, next to he and his wife, about 14 months ago. From the very beginning, he has insisted on parking his truck in front of my house at the end of my driveway, They have 3 cars and a garage full of storage. I have one car which fits into my garage. He never moves this ancient junker. It sits at there in front of my house leaking oil onto the road. I have asked nicely if he would move it and he refuses. Parking spots are avaiable all around us. But because he insists on parking there, I must take my garbage down around the corner so the trucks can get to it. Last Tuesday the big recycle bin caught on a raised spot on the sidewalk throwing me off balance and, thus, fracturing and dislocating my finger.

Today I went next door and told him that I need him to move his truck on Sunday nights so I can put my trash cans out front of my house. He argued and fumed and said that he would probably have to give in to me then slammed the door.

I'm upset that he makes me feel wrong. I'm angry that I know he thinks he can push a woman around. And, I don't understand this kind of neighbor.

May neighboring never change on Neff Road.

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