Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Days

My sisters were both older than me. I can remember sitting by the window the first day of school watching them walk down the lane to the school bus. The big yellow bus would cross the bridge causing the family creaking. If your timing was right, you could make it to the bus on time if you left the house when it stopped at Welbaum's. Of course, that was on good days. Days with mud puddles and ice were something else. So on this day little Pam sat watching the year change to fall and her days more lonely.

I played for hours with my little toys on the upstairs windowsill watching the road wondering when my older sisters would return from school. When I saw the bus once more at Welbaum's, I would head out the house and down the lane.

I'm not sure why I was so excited to have them home. They never played with me. I hardly remember Peg at home. June was just mean to me. She'd pick on me. Mom took her side. So, why I was excited to see them is beyond my ken. Maybe I was lonely back that lane. Just perhaps I needed my sisters more than I remember.

Now I no longer see them go away from me down that lane to the bus. I no longer see them enough. Sometimes I think I still sit by the window waiting to see them wishing they lived right down the block instead of Angola, Indiana, and Bridgewater, Virginia.

I hate being the youngest.
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