Monday, September 21, 2009

Tend To Your Roots

At what age do we learn about our roots? Literaly, I'm talking roots here. When Sydney was about 18 months old, I decided we would start those nature lessons just as Dad had taught them to me. We had returned to the farm for a visit. Each day Sydney would run to the elm tree, reach her small arms around it embracing it with all her might learning how to 'love Mr. Tree'. Together we looked for cicada shells the same as I had as a child. The cicada emerges from a shell once it has grown into its new flying self. The copper colored shell still resembling the cicada bug can be hooked by the fragile legs onto clothing creating a buggish pin. Sydney gathered the empty critters as fast as she could spy them hanging them on me, her, the tree. They often crunced in her fingers turning to dust when she loved them too much. It was a start.

One day after returning to Oregon, Sydney and I were reading a book. Well, I was reading. She was pulling on pages. We came to a picture of a lone tree. She leaned over and gently placed a kiss on it, "Love Mr. Tree", she said.

Maybe there is hope for Mother Earth, if we tend to our roots.....

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