Tuesday, September 1, 2009

View from the window

I knew of my father's family's love of birds but never so much as when my mother and father grew into their later years. When they had remodeled the old farm house decades earlier, mother had insisted on a counter under a large window that would look out onto the west and her garden. They would sit at this window watching the red sunsets or follow the lives of the birds that visited their feeders.

Dad would call us to the window when we visited to watch his birds. And, we in turn would drag our usually reluctant children to watch the birds as well. The birds must have known how much my parents enjoyed them for they seemed to flock to the feeders. Over the years, TV was nothing in comparison.

Many were the hours I spent by that window with coffee cup in hand remembering the gardens I had helped plant, watching the sunsets like those I'd watched as a child standing in the yard holding my dad's hand. The birds continued to be my companions. Could they sense the gifts they gave back to us?

The farm is no longer ours and, hopefully, the birds have found others who care for them as well. Only this last year have I had a chance to hang my own bird feeders. I understand how Mom and Dad felt watching these birds go from nest to full grown, from timid to almost sassy. We have a love affairs, these feathered friends and I. My job is to chase off the cat that stalks them and to yell at the squirrel who thinks the bird feeders are his domain.

Maybe it is my daily connection with my past.....and God. Whatever it is, I am pleased to help these birds survive and to take them into my care. God provides for us and our needs. I hope we don't continue to abuse our resources for not only will it be our loss but that of my friends, the birds, as well.

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