Saturday, October 10, 2009

Door to Door

The Sunbeam Bread truck pulled into the driveway. I would run from the house to the big yellow truck. The delivery man walked around the truck visiting with Mom while opening the back of the truck displaying the bread. When Mom was finished shopping, I eagerly climbed onto the truck bumper for a chance to peek into two thin drawers that held candy for the kids. It was a good day when that yellow truck came to visit.

Once in awhile a Bible salesman would stop in to visit a house already brimming with Bibles. He would come in and chat, drinking coffee and having a piece of Mom's fresh-baked pie. The same was true for the Fuller Brush man who carried in his cases of combs and brushes, and the Watkins man hawking his liniments and salves. Mom visited with them while checking the new items, hoping for free samples. I hung around just in case there was some freebie for little kids.

Our milk was delivered at home. Bill, the milkman, would come into the house if no one was at home and put Mom's milk order into the refrigerator. Sometimes Bill would even stay for breakfast.

Gone are the days of the Watkins man, the Bible salesman, bread and milk delivery. Gone are the days of visiting with a stranger over pie and coffee. No more do we leave our homes open to the neighborhoods we trust. Even more, gone is the security and peace that was once a place and a time I knew.

Neff Road was a good place back then. My own nirvana.

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