Friday, October 30, 2009

Mud Room

The Today Show had a segment on how to decorate a mud room. It struck me as funny remembering what we considered the mud room on the farm. Our mud room was in the basement. When we were snow covered or muddy, we came into the house the back way through the basement. On the stone wall of the basement was a row of hooks that held coats for all seasons. Boots and muddy shoes were taken off and hands were washed washroom. There was no decorating of the mud room. In reflection, it would have been silly.

In the summer we sometimes entered through our backroom. The backroom was a place mother canned, made soap, placed pies to cool. Next to the backroom was the 'old' backroom where Dad stored the lanterns. That room had a dirt floor. I suppose that with some hefty flooding, it could literally become a mud room.

When I was married, we lived in an old farm house on Teagues South Road that had several rooms considered backrooms or mud rooms. There was the laundry room next to a little walk-in pantry and the backroom with an adjoining room where coal had been stored. These backrooms were old and creepy. We didn't live there long enough to decorate our mud rooms.

So I chuckle at mud room decorating. The professionals suggested a cute little rack standing against a wall behind an overstuffed chair. Small bins were placed for gloves and hats with a shelf for boots. Just cute.

When my children grew up, they walked in the front door. Handed me their coats, plopped their boots on a rug and took off. My granddaughters hang coats and book bags on my antique, hall tree, mirror. Boots and shoes are tossed, mine in the mix. We try organize but most time it just doesn't happen. We head for fun as fast as we can.

Never thought of planning a mud room. Never wanted to clean up a mud room. Hooks and rugs. Good enough for me.

It's raining. Maybe I should go play in the mud.

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