Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Playground, The Farm

Farm kids grow up surrounded by a world of adventure. We grow up riding on tractors, roaming the countryside. How neat is that?!?!?

I think I appreciated that special life. I didn't know anything else, but I did know that most days some adventure awaited me out there in the barn, in the field, by the creek. Wherever Dad went, I was his shadow. Our dog and I rode the tractor with him for hours, talking about anything and everything. Dad explained what he was planting or why he was plowing. We talked about nature, arrowheads and the many questions I asked. Sometimes we would stop by the woods and look for mushrooms. Dad always had time to tromp through the trees hoping I would find the tasty treasures. I was Lowell Thomas wending my way through the jungle.

When Dad baled, I would beg to climb the elevator that carried the bales into the barn. When the scoop was on the front of the tractor, I was in it riding high above the ground. When grain was combined, I rode in the wagon with the wheat and then the oats pouring down on me. The barn was my playground where imagination created cowboys who rode on  sawhorses, Tarzan who flew across the barn on the rope swing, an old version of Indiana Jones as I fought off pirates, invaders and wild beasts in the old barn. The corn crib was my house. The creek was my jungle. Farm kids have the best playground.

Because of that playground, my imagination grew. I played out the stories in my head. This rural freedom gave me freedom to pretend, to dream, to become. My playground? My life on the farm.

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Janet said...

Oh my goodness, it's a good thing I had not started the Darke County Chapter of Farm Safety 4 Just Kids when you were a little girl. I would have had to teach you how to stay "safer" on the farm! And it would not be riding up in the air in a bucket! How did we ever survive?

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Janet, I do wonder sometimes how I managed to get by with no broken bones. What a great thing you do in teaching kids to be safe! The farm is full of hazards. But just to let you know, I'm glad I had those experiences. hehehehe