Sunday, October 4, 2009

Readying for Winter

When fall came to the farm, we knew that winter was not far behind. Dad would take down the screens on the house. Mom would put the comforters and down feather beds on clothes line to air out from their summer hibernation. Fuel oil was delivered and wood for the fireplace piled by the basement door. Mom canned food to stock the fruit room in the basement. Noodles were made from scratch. The best noodles in the entire world. Soap was made and winter clothes aired out and mended.

Dad closed up the barns. The sheep were growing fatter in their winter coats. Equipment was oiled and put away until next spring. The corn crib was full of corn recently picked, the barn full of hay and straw.  The barns and chicken coop were cleaned and fresh bedding added. Tobacco hung in the shed waiting to be stripped.

We settled in for cold weather, a new season. The old seasonal rituals still echo as I take winter bedding from the closet, shake out the rugs. I look forward to snuggling down beneath the fluffy comforter pulled up to my nose. Even more, I look forward to having a warm house which I didn't as a kid. I think maybe I'll toss a log on the fire tonight. My fall rituals have begun.

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