Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkin Show

My great-grandfather had a large homestead just outside of Bradford, Ohio. Back then it was the beginnings of a bustling little village. Later, after the railroad ceased to stop in Bradford, the town became another little sleepy, Ohio town.

But life comes to this sleepy town once a year. The Bradford Pumpkin Show settles in. People from all over come to savor the food, hear the bands, meet up with old friends. Of course, there is a princess and court who reign over the festivities and pumpkins, I guess. And, when I was young, food stands, craft booths and side-shows lined the sidewalks. This, however, was not just a typical carnival or fair for one reason: Confetti.

For 15 cents we could purchase a small bag of those little round paper-punched holes which we then delighted in throwing at people we knew. I'm not sure if this was a sign that we liked the 'confetti recipient' or a way of showing our true feelings of aggression. We walked up and down the street time and time again just waiting 'confetti' someone while hoping that you weren't a target. By the end of an evening, the confetti in the street was sometimes 6" deep. Everyone went home with confetti in hair, eyes, down clothing, hidden in shoes and more than likely filling pockets.
It is once more about time for the Bradford Pumpkin Show. Do they still have confetti? I don't know. It was certainly the epitome of littering and wasting paper. And, why did we enjoy tossing confetti and eating the stuff when you forgot to dodge? Boy, it was fun. My question….Why?

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