Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tadpoles to Fishing Poles

In my possession is a treasure that should be insured against loss or damage; however, there is no such insurance to cover such a treasure. I was just a toddler when I received this gift. In fact, as long as I can remember I have had it in my possession. She is 5' tall and has black hair, a fiesty spirit, four children and my memories. She has been my kindred spirit, my lifelong confident, my friend.

We grew up next door to one another. Seldom did a day go by that we did not see one another. Our dream was to have a house built between our two homes so we could live in it and visit our respective families on rare occasions.

Together we watched calves born, took baby chicks from box to brooder, watched headless chickens dance on the clothesline, played with cut out paper dolls, scoped out the barn for newborn kittens and loved playing house. Best of all, we went fishing with our daddies.

We were maid (matron) of honor for one another Our struggles were shared. Over the years, our children grew to be friends in spite of the distance from Ohio to Oregon. We have shared laughter, joys, journeys, pain and more recently tears of loss. I think perhaps I'm the luckiest person in the world to have her in my life. She never asks for anything yet gives everything. Seldom do we write or call yet we know we are in contact.

We have yet to build that house between our two respective homes. Would imagine that it would now be located somewhere in Kansas, maybe Nebraska or thereabouts. But never have I felt far from her. At times I would swear we are one in the same. Blonde hair next to black now blending into grey. School days to schools days, college to college, marriage to marriage, children to children, age to age. Tadpoles to fishing, dress up to wedding gowns, dolls to babies. Make believe lives to lives we would make.

Sisters of the heart still, my friend Brenda. I have in my possession a treasure.....

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