Monday, October 5, 2009

Thunderous Roar

Once when my son was making a call home from Chicago, I heard the thunder echoing in the background. Unless you have lived in the East or Midwest, you cannot appreciate the true essence of a thunderstorm. Texas has incredible lightening, Oregon has wonderful rain showers but the humid East has fantastic storms. The mighty thundering not only rattles the rafters but can shake you down to your bones even as the sound fades away.

When the kids were young and we visited the farm, we would sit inside the screened-in porch watching the storms pass thinking how brave we were to stand so close to this incredible power when in reality we were scared down to our toes. On one such trip, my son was standing alone on the porch as the rest of us were smart enough to stay inside. He ran in screaming that the lightening had struck at the neighbor's place. The next day we walked down the lane to their home curious about the lightening damage. Victor took us to the back of his property where two trees stood about 4' apart. Lightening had struck the top of one tree, splitting the bark as it traveled to the roots where the lightening continued to travel up the bottom of the second tree leaving a charred trail.

Ever been in a thunderstorm back East? Indeed it is impressive. Perhaps it is nature's humbling reminder of her power and our vulnerability.

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