Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Get Your Paper. Get Your Morning Paper."

"Get your paper. Get your morning paper." Newspapers were hawked on street corners in the cities while on Neff Road we waited for our weekly paper. Down the lane one of us would go to pick up the morning paper. Dad would take the car down to retrieve it when the weather bulked. The paper was dissected page by page. We also received the Dayton paper, but the Advocate was 'our' paper.

My oldest sister at one time had a subscription to the Advocate. The news was a little old by the time the paper appeared in the mailbox in Pennsylvania and later in Washington, DC.

Our true local newspaper was Mom. She caught us up on all of the births, deaths, property sales, weddings, etc. She was a great 'newspaper' because we got the gossip as well. Our link to our roots was severed when Mom died.

Now I read the Greenville Advocate every morning. The current news pops up on my computer screen. I scan the paper for pictures and news of old friends. I wish for more news and less sports but such is the way of Darke County and probably much of Midwest rural areas. It concerns me that there is little, if any, national or world news. There is a birthday page full of pictures of small children. In a world teeming with child predators, I wonder why the paper isn't protecting these children instead of posting pictures with parents names and place of residence beneath. Syndicated columns fill pages for lack of local news. The paper is trying to change, to evolve, but has a long journey ahead.

Mom had at one time back in the 60's taken me into the Advocate office to meet the editor. At that time I was considering a future in journalism. However, nothing inspired me to take up the career. Had someone captured my imagination and potential, I would probably have embraced that future. Yet I needed my own journey to take me to the writing that was my own voice.

I don't go to the Advocate to be inspired. I go to it in order to keep the Loxley girls informed of the changes in Darke County. That local paper is at my fingers tips. It doesn't get wet in the rain or line a bird cage when I finish reading it. Yes, I do subscribed for a nominal fee paying for I pay that opportunity to look through a window at Neff Road.

My mornings start with the Greenville Advocate. Gee, Mom, I miss the gossip that goes along with the news.

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