Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gypsy Sweetheart

"Dear Pam, we are sharing some of our treasures this Christmas. Peg said she hoped you would keep the letters as she thought I didn't want anyone to read them, but I never cared. I never did anything I was ashamed of." The package was my parents' old love letters.

The eight-year-old girl pointed to the boy in the field and told her mother, "I'm going to marry that boy some day." And, she did November 24, 1937.

"July 22, 1930, Mr. Willard Loxley: I would be delighted to have you present at my 18th birthday party on Wednesday eve, July 30th at 8:30pm. Ruth Johnson"

Sweethearts who held hands, who kissed, who hugged, rarely fought and struggle through life's difficult times as one.

"Hello, Honey. Was you disappointed when you didn't get a letter last evening? Well, I was so tired I couldn't hardly set up. I was going to write this morn but we loaded two loads of hogs so I didn't have time then. Mom said she was going to Bradford this afternoon so I told her to stop and give this to you. Gee, Honey, I sure am getting lonesome. I've been thinking about you all week. I been plowing so you see I have plenty of time to think, plan and build air castles. P.S. I don't know how I'll be able to stand being away from you until tomorrow eve. But I guess I'll have to. Yours forever, W.I. 1932"

The letters go on and on opening more windows into the love these two shared. This manly farmer wrote page upon page of his love for Mom. On some X's and O'x flow down the page in designs. The lived only a mile apart. Daily letters were delivered by their parents or siblings.

This is the 74th anniverary of my parents' wedding day. The beautiful bride in blue velvet with cute strappy shoes and a lame' cap took the man in his handsome suit to be her own. Mom's family didn't go to the wedding. Her mother sat at home and cried with Mom's old boyfriend. Evidently, they didn't think that Willard was good enough for Ruth. Little did they know.

Mom and Dad had a strength between that reached out to others. They didn't always do things right, but they tried. They tried to make a better world for so many others. They tried to live their faith. They were an example for those who had none. We had such a pride in these parents of ours even though it often felt like we girls were on the outside of such a strong love. Such love should fill a world. It did ours.

"June 29, 1931: My, but I miss you. I just wish and wish I had you right beside me this minute - so I could confide all my little secrets to you. I really didn't realize how much I did depend on you until your gone. Be good and have a nice time. (Dad was on a singing tour.) Lots of love, Your Little Gypsy Sweetheart. Ruth Marie....Our moon certainly is beautiful tonight if you see it."

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I know you are still holding hands in Heaven.

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