Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hand Laid Street

Riders on horses and in carriages traveled down the brick street. My feet walked the same street as those who lived there long ago. History beneath my feet. Downtown Arcanum. A step back in time.

While in England, we visited Newark on the Trent. The ancient castle where King John died sat along what is now called the Robin Hood Trail. The small alleys and walkways as well as the main shopping area are cobblestoned. Stones laid, one by one, carried by man and horse creating avenues that last a life time.

Mom and Dad went to Arcanum at least once a week for groceries. We ate at Husten’s, stopped at the hardware store, shopped at Ben Franklin's 5 & 10 and at Smiths. Main Street was paved with bricks that been laid by men who leveled the ground, hauled rocks by horse and wagon then laid them ready for horse then car.

I love returning to that street. I delight in knowing that some things just don't change. Smith's has gone through many metamorphoses over the years and now houses a wonderful coffee shop. Ben Franklin still resides in the same location.

The small pockets of rural Americana are precious. They hold our history just as the Newark Castle and cobblestone streets hold on to an older time, a time of my ancestors. Pockets of history painted forever in time by stone and brick, by manual labor and horse. I can't imagine that I would ever return to a city full of concrete and feel the same.

Arcanum, you are beautiful just the way you are.

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LJL said...

Geneva lived in Arcanum, and her son, Steve did not like it one bit when I said he lived in Arcanum. He said, "It's MYcanum, not yours!"