Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Difference

Religion was not apparent on Neff Road. In fact, I don't think I noticed religion as I was growing up. I went to school with kids from the Mennonite Church, German Baptist, Brethren, Methodist. There was no religious tension, there was no recognition of religious differences in any way. We were a community of people.

I think the only time I really noticed the difference was when the German Baptist kids dropped out of school in the 8th grade. They began their adulthood early. We missed those friends and never saw much of them again until they were grown and married.

Some of us weren't supposed to wear make-up or dance. Some of us did in spite of the rules. Some went to Bible study. Some did not. Some were deep believers and some were not. Our family life may have revolved around the church, but our community revolved around friendship and family.

We all dressed the same except for the German Baptist kids in homemade clothing. No one would ever think to tease the kids, because they were our neighbors. Leather jackets made a bigger impact. Long hair, greased back hair made more of a separation.

We went to ice cream socials at all of the local churches. I went to the Painter Creek Bible School then off to West Grove for theirs. Our friendships grew from the farm life we lived, not the around religion. Sure we had our differences, but as a kid, I never noticed. All the churches were part of our lives.

I wish the world was more like our little corner of the world on Neff Road. Acceptance: another reason we called Neff Road home.

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Story and Logic Media Group said...

I grew up in a German Baptist home and went to the public school. My friends were of all religious persuasions. We just had a great time together.

Ah for the good old days. =)