Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 1931

Entry Date: November 20, 1931

"Cleaned up house and wrote a letter to Paul B. Visited school in p.m. Went with Willard, Keith and Margaret to P. Hill to basketball game. Both teams won G.11-17 B.15-20."

Pages and pages reflect the life of my mother. Writing daily entries in date books began with her mother. Mom wrote until the end. Simple tracking of daily events. Funerals, weddings, visitors, haircuts, crops, daily happenings on Neff Road now give me insight into the life my mother lived. Perhaps it was the era she lived in, but in her date books and that of Mom Johnson, no feelings or observances are noted. I yearn to know more about these women and their feelings, but must be content with the simple, daily dialogue.

Mom loved to play basketball, and I'm told she was a pretty good player. I can imagine my mother in her glory dribbling the ball down the court. Back then, and even when I was a teen, girls' rules applied. The team was divided at half court. Offense on one end. Defense on the other. It probably took all of Mom's strength to stop mid-court and pass off the ball to her team on the other side. Knowing Mom, she was in her element and thrilled.

I guess in the simple daily writing my mother does show herself. I don't know Paul B., but I love knowing that Mom had a date with Dad that night going to the game with Uncle Keith and Margaret (not sure which Margaret). She was excited that FM had won both games by posting the scores.

I like to read Mom's daily postings. It's as if we come together to share as I glean a bit more information about this woman. I learn more about my roots, what elements made up my parent's lives. My blogs are my journals to my children, my grandchildren. A history of where their story began will be more than an entry into a little book. This is story of me.

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