Thursday, November 5, 2009

Their...Our College Years

Both sisters attended Manchester College in North Manchester, Indiana, as did many of the kids who grew up at Painter Creek Church. I was seven when my oldest sister went off to her first year in college.

Manchester was far enough from Neff Road to keep sis from coming home easily but close enough that we could visit her for a weekend. When I was about 11, we went to homecoming. It was an exciting time. Football, girls popping in and out of Peg's room, all the excitement we didn't have on the farm. I took my friend, Vivian, along with me or rather Mom and Dad took her along to keep me entertained.

We went to our favorite restaurant for lunch. Viv and I had onion rings and fat sandwiches. Later in the day both of us got extremely ill. It was my sister's and her friends' homecoming yet they held our heads and wiped our brows. They tried to cool the fevered girls who had food poisoning from the onion rings.

My sister went on to marry a local North Manchester boy. They lived behind a bakery. Going to visit them was such a thrill for me, especially after I met a biker, all dressed in leather with slicked back hair. My poor sister gained a few grey hairs that summer.

It was the 60's. Vivian and I had gone to a local dance with this boy and a friend. We twisted to the music felling we were an instant hit as all the other kids stood by watching us. Little did we know that twisting was banned in North Manchester. We weren't a hit. I think they were waiting for us to be arrested. Ah, the 60's.

I didn't go to Manchester for college yet I went to college....with my sisters. While they grew by new experiences, so did I. Their college years in some ways were mine as well.

'By the Kenamokopoko stands our college fair. Where the Indian reared his wigwam.....' If this were a record, at this point you would hear the needle skim across the grooves. Today we are politically correct. "By the Kenamokopoko stands our college fair. Where the Native American reared his wigwam, we have studied there.' Ah, Manchester College loyal to you we will ever be.

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