Friday, November 6, 2009

Yellow Sentries

"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye. And it looks like it pointing clear up to the sky". Ah, the words from "Oklahoma" ring true to those of us who lived, live, on Neff Road.

Fall was always time for the corn picker to come out of the barn and into the corn field. The stalks of corn had changed from green to tan and ready for picking. The combine mowed down the stalks grabbing the corn in the process tossing it back into the wagon. The corn crib with its wire sides turned from vacant to yellow. Some of the corn went to the grain elevator to shell for feed or to sell. Corn was a staple of our farm.

Many years, depending on the rotation of crops, our house would be surrounded by fields of corn. We looked out the window to see corn stalk sentries standing proud. Once in awhile a child was lost in the field and the search would be on. We kids loved to walk down the rows. It was a forest of corn.

Grain bins should be full now. Corn sold to help farmers get through the next season. Corn stalks would be plowed or the field would rest until the next planting season.

I miss the rustle of the wind through the corn. I look forward to visiting it again. Shhhhhh. Can you hear it?

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