Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to Neff Road

Back to Neff Road and Mom:

Gettysburg had 2 big department stores, a furniture store bigger than any in Greenville, hardware store, drug store. Everyone crowded in there for ice cream on Sat night. We took our milk in 3 ten gal. cans to a dairy there. They would test the milk and weigh it then pay for it. Then Mom would buy flour, sugar and sometimes crackers and cheese but never meat as we butchered and had our own. She baked bread. We raised chickens and sold our eggs at Red River Store.

Mom made all our clothes. Our undergarments were made of muslin as were our skirts and bloomers when I was young. My shoes were button up 5 buttons. Always had to be Buster Brown.

My first year in high school was very exciting. I worked in the cafeteria at noon and made chocolate milk drink for the whole school. They called it Ruth’s C-M. I also made scalloped potatoes twice a week and the kids went for them. I road the school bus about 3 miles to school beginning the 8th grade thru high school.

Mr. Orville Lawrence was my 8th grade teacher. Willard set almost to the back of the room. I sit in the front seat. I had an autograph album and I gave it to him to write in. He wrote: A coat is warm and so is a sweater but one of your kisses would do much better. When I got my album back, I turned around and looked at him and he scooted down in his seat. I thought he was going to fall out on the floor.

That was the beginning of a love affair that has lasted…………….

My ex-husband and I bought our first house from Orville Lawrence. It was a house that I’d always admired and am sure that Mom and Dad felt an attachment as well. Yes, it was the beginning of a love that lasted until Dad died the year Mom sent this diary to me.

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