Monday, December 21, 2009

A Changing Time

Willard, the boy she would marry, comes into the picture.

When I was 10 yrs old, Willard and his mother would go past our house and take eggs to Bradford to ship to New York, to Stern and Tettlebomb, and I said to Mom, “I’m going to marry that boy some day.” And she said, “You’ll change your mind a dozen times.” Willard’s folks had chickens and got 9 cases of eggs a day. Willard had to work hard at an early age.

When my parents moved to the Wilt Reck farm of 58 acres, their was 15 fruit trees in the yard and 7 maples. My dad didn’t like all the trees and cut most of them down. Then he put a picket fence around the yard. At Red River at that time there was 2 grocery stores, a post office, a Brethren church, a blacksmith and a sawmill. The men would go up to the corner store after they would get their work done of an evening and loaf talking about the crops, government, weather, etc. Sometimes the women would go to a neighbors house to visit. I remember one evening we, Mom and I, was going to walk to Youngs and visit and a ford car was coming down the road. Mom grabbed my hand and run down in the ditch and we hung onto the fence till he went by and she said, “He could of blowed us away.”

Bob took his junior and senior classes all in one year. I remember one of the teachers came and would help him with his lessons, then the teacher stayed all night. His name was Slonaker. After he graduated, he got a job on the railroad. It had come to Bradford and their was a lot of jobs available.

After the railroad come to Bradford, the one grocery store, the post office and the sawmill left Red River, so we didn’t live near a town any more.

My mother’s world was so different from my own. I miss having the stories come from her instead of in a diary. I wish I had seen Red River in its glory days. Perhaps it makes me more aware of telling my story. I hope you don’t mind sharing the journey from the past.

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LJL said...

Can't you just see the thriving metropolis of Red River in your mind's eye?