Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Eve Baby

A baby was born on Christmas eve. Not in a manger but into the arms of a loving mother. Aunt Esther was a Christmas Eve present, one that has kept on giving over the years.

Another baby was not expected in the Loxley family when Esther arrived. The boys were all pretty much grown when this little one came into the nest. She may not have been an expected baby, but I know in my heart that my grandmother was thrilled to have a little girl, this beautiful baby.

Aunt Esther is married to Uncle Phil, the creator of Phoose Goose. They always lived away from the Neff Road community. Trips to visit them were always filled with wonder and delight learning about stars and about nature and rocks.

I remember as a little girl sitting in Aunt Esther's old bedroom. A little desk sat against the wall with a wonderful green wicker baby carriage close by. I was afraid to play with the carriage. I would just sit there full of little girl dreams. It was Aunt Esther's room. My mind spun wondering at what lie hidden behind that door in her room leading up to the attic.

The daughter lost her mother much too soon. We all lost Grandmother too soon. I know my aunt must miss her every day. A part of me always feels closer to Grandmother when I am with my aunt.

That farm that butts up to Neff Road had a great deal of excitement on Christmas Eve. Esther Mae Loxley was born. Happy Birthday, Aunt Esther. I love you.

Wishing for you and your families a blessed holiday season. May your memories be as special as those I gathered on Neff Road.

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