Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas on Neff Road

The lights warmly glowed lighting the room full of packages and people. Not many Christmas’s found us all back on the farm. But this Christmas was full of magic.

We drove back to the farm from Wisconsin, a hassle with a baby, Christmas gifts and luggage. If I remember, the weather was nasty as well. But we would all be home for Christmas.

Young cousins bubbling with excitement opened packages as the sisters and husbands looked on. Mom and Dad had the best present ever. Their daughters were all home at the same time. A new little one added excitement to the season. We were all tired from of traveling, but the trip was worth it.

Dad had an especially beautiful tree that year. The old bubble lights captured the attention of the little ones. The kids separated by miles were best friends once more. Sisters living in different states once more caught up and reminisced. Mom cooked up a storm loving her time in the kitchen with someone always sitting at her table. Dad enjoyed visiting. Neighbors stopped in to see the Loxley girls and the Johnson’s came to celebrate. Mom ended up at the piano, and we sang together as we had in years before.

I wish I could go back and capture that time. I wish that many of those people who are gone now would be with us once more. Miles still separate the Loxley girls. We will probably never have another Christmas together. We have not had our families all together since the children were young. I wonder if other families feel the loss as much as do we girls. The miles and years that have separated us have truly drawn us closer in heart.

It was a special Christmas. I didn’t know it back then what I possessed. It was the gift of family together, a rarity of a life away from those who share my past. Each day I am thankful for my sisters. They share a bond with me which neither my children nor my grandchildren will understand.

It was Christmas on the farm… was family.

Thank you for daily visiting the farm with me. Hold close those you love and cherish this Christmas together. My love and Christmas blessings to you.

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