Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Family of Characters

A family of characters:

My folks always raised a lot of tobacco 17 acres and it seemed to me we worked in tobacco all year. We would strip tobacco in the fall then at Christmas time we would clean up the strip house and my dad would get Uncle Dan and Aunt Julie to help and we would butcher 9 hogs every year. We would can meat for a couple of weeks after we butchered.

We would take the tenderloins and butterfly them and the sausage and put a layer of lard, then a layer of meat and do that till the crock was full. I don't believe we ever ate a meal without meat on the table.

Brother Bob liked school. And Iva was a good scholar made very good grades, took a test after 8th grade and passed the Boxwell test. If you passed the test you were able to teach. She never wanted to teach so she did house work for several families. Bessie hated school and goofed off all the time and claimed she didn’t need an education. Bob and Iva would try to help her at home and she would really get mad. She made such poor grades she quit school in the 7th grade.

Pop always said Iva was too good a girl for any boy in the neighborhood, and he would never let her date. So I remember in my first years of school, knowing that Iva would crawl out her bedroom window and meet guys. After Pop found out, he told her she could have dates. I was about 4 or 5 years old then and when a guy came in to see her, I would go crawl on his lap and tell him I like him. My mother would come and get me. And Iva would say keep that kid in the kitchen.

Ah, my family. They were a bunch of characters. It was another time. Red River was a thriving town. School houses were one room. Cars were new to the scene. The gap between mom and her siblings was huge. I sometimes wonder that she found her way into the Loxley family…..I’m glad she did.

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