Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Girl Destined for Disaster

I apologize for the spotty blogs this week. It will probably be this way until after the wedding in Jan. I will do my best. Friday I will not be writing.

Mom = walking disaster:
(I will trim out some of the non-interesting things for readers who really don’t care)

I cut my upper lip in two cutting a doll dress with a knife. Took 5 stitches to sew it up. My mother too me to Dr. Buell and he said He would have to sew it in my mouth or I’d have big bumps around my lips.

I did good in school and hated to miss any but in the 3rd grade I was riding Edward Young’s bicycle home as I always went home at noon from school to eat dinner. And I was going pretty fast and fell of the bicycle and hurt my knee. It got infection in it and I had 23 boils on my right leg around my knee and couldn’t go to school for 3 weeks. The teacher boarded with Bob and Welma and she come with m lesson every evening.

When I was 9 years old I helped my dad make hay in the fall before school started. He would hitch the hay up on the wagon and I would tramp it down. Our back field was a half mile back and one day my dad took the load up to the barn to unload and when he pulled up to the barn I wasn’t on the load. So he unhitched the horse and rode it back to the field to find me. I fell off when he turned into the lane and I was unconscious. He put me on the horse and we went to the house. He went for the doctor, riding the horse to Gettsyburg. The doctor came and said I had a sunstroke and I couldn’t get in the sun for 3 months. School started and I had to stay home all thru September and October. I still remember how hard it was for me to see my friends walk past our house and I had to stay home.

Anyone who knew my mom can well understand the woman from these things that happened to her as a child. I wonder just how much she really went to school! Ah, Mom, you were a livewire, a girl who later in her life would add her energy to Neff Road.

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