Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Girl In Love

A girl in love:

During my second year in high school, Willard would take me to his class Sunday school meeting. His folks didn’t want him to date so if we met his mother when we were together, I’d find some place to hide so she wouldn’t know he was with me, generally down on the floor of the back seat of the car. One time Willard and his friend Jim Fourman came to take me and a friend home from a meeting. There was Willard on the back seat so I got in with him. When we pulled in our lane, my dad walked out on the porch. Willard opened the door and pushed me out of the car and Jim gave it the gas. And my dad stood on the porch and really laughed. Said I doubt if that young man comes around very often.

Mom’s last entry:

I married Willard at the Painter Creek church on November 24, 1936 at 9:30a.m. Roy Honeyman was pastor, Lucy Beane, my maid of honor, Keith Loxley, best man. My dress was royal blue velvet.

I am going to write, Lord willing, all about life with the man I’ve always loved and all about my 3 beautiful children. This will be in another book.

Mother never wrote that other chapter of her life…..not on paper. Three months after this book was sent Dad would be dying of cancer. I guess we know the next chapter. We knew the parents who loved one another with every part of their beings. Mom and Dad’s love embraced the world that knew them. We lost Mom four years later. In the time without Dad she didn’t seem to grieve. Instead she walked daily with him still beside her. In reality, I do think he stayed until she joined him.

Thank you for being part of Mom’s journey, a time in Franklin Township. Our journey to Neff Road.

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LJL said...

Loved it. Wish I could go up the lane and visit my friend, Ruth, again. I remember going to see her on New Year's Day and watching the Rose Bowl Parade with her. Great memories.