Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Time in Greenville

At Christmas a huge tree sat in the center circle. Light poles were decorated and stores took on the holiday season with swags of evergreen, and windows filled with glass balls and little trees. The palace was full of stylish winter clothing. On the top floor Santa waited for me to tell him my Christmas wishes. I wanted the little blonde doll that resided in a box on the table nearby. She looked like an angel.

Fourman’s had dapper suits and hats for men. Most men wore hats back then as did the women. The men shopped on one side of the street for their hats and the women on the other side at the millinery shop. Bonfiglios was full of Christmas decorations and beautiful cards. We lingered by the shelves adding items to our wish lists. The 5 and 10’s coveted our money offering everything from hosiery to work gloves for Mom and Dad. Bins of candy and comic books for my sisters.

Garth’s Museum was decorated for the season with special displays. Room after room reminded us of our roots with pride and panache. While the city park, covered with snow took us to a winter wonderland. It was Greenville at holiday time.

Best of all was walking down the streets into the stores meeting people who stopped to chat. Stories were exchanged as well as Christmas wishes. We were all neighbors in Greenville. Store owners knew our names, and once in awhile a candy treat was handed to a small child. It was our town.

The lights will be down when I go home again next spring. The tinsel in boxes and winter replaced by a new season. For the small girl who once lived there, she will still hear the carols and meet old friends.

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