Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Once a Path

"Why call the blog Neff Road," she asked. Well, I had tried to register other domain names, but they were taken. Neff Road seemed all that remained relating to 'home'. Now I know that this domain name was meant for me.

"Neff Road has become more than memories of my family and the farm. It has become a story of my community, friends, church. A story of the 1940's through 2009. It is a story of all of us. Perhaps even of a day and age that many have forgotten and some remember but lack words to share. Neff Road has a life of it's own. I am the recorder," I answered.

When I was home last year, didn’t think I would drive past the farm. My close neighbors were no longer there. My childhood home had been changed, the old barn torn down. I did not want visions of the present ruining the memories of the past.

Yet, on the last day in Ohio my car turned down Neff Road. The car crossed the bridge, my eyes glued to the road looked to the north. I smiled seeing the farm alive again. The changes reflected the young couple who made it their home. Babies once more cried and families gathered.

Neff Road holds the spirits of those of us who lived there. It holds an energy called love that bound us together. The old gravel road was paved time and time again much like the houses that change occupants. All things change.

I love writing this piece of Americana. Each time I write I find more pieces of me. I thank you for joining me day after day on another walk down that old road. A road that was once only a path, a path to memories.

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