Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rose Bowl Dilemma

Ducks are quacking in Pasadena; Buckeyes have flown across the states to get there as well. Ducks versus Buckeyes. Maybe it’s Buckeyes versus Ducks.

Not being one to follow sports, the playing of the Rose Bowl has never meant a thing to me. A bunch of kids go onto a football field trying to hurt one another over a dead pig’s skin. One wonders.

I find that just by location, I am forced to decide which team I will support. Do I support the team from my birth state? Do I support my present state’s school from whence most of my friends are graduates? One very good friend was once the Duck mascot. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

The last I knew, Woody Hayes was still the coach of the Buckeyes. Don’t be concerned. I still think Vince Lombardi coaches the Packers and Bart Starr is still quarterback. I was married to a sports freak back in those days. Fran Tarkington, Bill Bradley, Joe Namath…..all names that were household words in our home. We lived in Wisconsin at the time. Ray Nitschke of the Packers owned a restaurant in Appleton. Appleton, Wisconsin, was dressed in green and yellow.

College football, pro football, all blended together in the mind of this sports mindless person. Rosey Grier knitted and Roger Staubach looked great in his uniform. Football players were taking ballet and turning up in the movies and on the TV screen. A world of football filled our house and only the odd bits and pieces of trivia stayed in my head.

Again green and yellow come into my life. I will not sit before the TV screen glued to the game. Well, I might check it once in awhile. Choose a team? I know that those on Neff Road will be cheering on the Buckeyes. I know that most TV’s here in Oregon will be tuned to the Rose Bowl. I refuse to wear a duck bill. I wouldn’t mind having a plate of Buckeye candy. Should I choose? Yes. I have made my decision.

A New Year is on the doorstep. I think I’ll go answer the door.

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