Wednesday, December 16, 2009

School Girl

Mom was a character. Reading her words is like stepping back into time and being with her once more. Her strong character was evident even as a little girl. The day my granddaughter, Gabrielle, was born Stacey asked if I would like to hold her. I lifted this child only a few minutes old from her plastic bed. Tears ran down my face and I said, "Mom, she's you." I know that Mom kissed this child before our lips meet her downy head. And, yes, Gabby has the enthusiasm and tenderness for life that echo Mom.

I hope you enjoy this journey into the past, the past of your parents, your grandparents. A time of horses, one room school houses and no electricity, a history as well as a story.

Her story continues:

The year before I started to school Bess took me to visit. She had a man Orville Riffell as a teacher. I kept laughing and he told me to be quiet – and I told him I didn’t half to. So he took me up to his desk and switched me. Bessie got all excited an run down to her Uncle Daris (he was on the sch. Bd.) There was quite a lot of excitement for awhile. And when it came time the next fall for me to go to school, although there was another teacher, I wouldn’t go. Abe Minnich (the owner of the Red River Grocery) took me and sit with me every morning for the 1st week of school before I’d stay by myself.

We had a bench in the front of the school room that 5 persons could sit on. The teachers would call the 8th grade arithmetic class up from their desk in the back of the school. They would work problems on the board, then the 7th grade would be called on down to the 1st grade. Sometimes I would be asleep as it was boring to listen to all of them recite.

After I got in the 3rd grade I liked school and I liked to go early before the big kids got there and I’d carry wood from the wood-house in to make the fire. We would have to stay after school and clean up, sweep the floor, pick up papers. I really liked that part.

To be continued…………..

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