Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Young Ruth

I hope you enjoy this step back into another time. I may break away from Mom’s story at times, but I think this is important to show what happened in Franklin Township when my parents were children. Mom’s memories are history of family dynamics during that time as well as the way Darke Countians lived. Mom’s story continues:

Red River

My sister Iva was 16 yrs. old when I was born. Robert B. was 12 yrs. old and Bessie May was 10. When I was growing up, the families got together nearly every Sunday. Aunt Julie and Uncle Dan lived just 1/2 mile away. Raymond and Ralph, their sons, were the same age as Iva and Robert and they always were carrying me around.

One thing I remember, and was very small. My folks went to church and Ray Eberwein stayed with me as I was sick, and before the girls went, they put a curling iron in a kerosene light in their room upstairs, and after everyone had gone, Ray smelled smoke, and he carried me upstairs, and the curtain had caught fire. (Wow, Mom, that’s one long sentence) He put me in the kitchen, shut the doors and run back upstairs. I screamed and kicked, and I always remember it.

When I was 4 yrs. old, we were cutting tobacco. My dad raised 17 acres. Bob scolded me for something while we were in the field. I bet I had it coming. So I run off. When they got thru with the tobacco and went in the house for supper, I couldn’t be found. It began to get dark, and they (my folks) had all the neighbors looking for me. At 9 o’clock p.m., Bob found me sound asleep in the corn field.

My dad and mom were patriotic, and it was always important on July 4th to hang our big flag on the porch. My dad run for sheriff one year when I was small, and on voting day everyone in the neighborhood came and stayed till the votes were counted in Greenville. He lost by 4 votes. My mother and dad were very much Republican. I remember a couple of weeks before election my folks would not go and visit Uncle Dan and Aunt Julie as they were Democrats and they didn’t want to argue with them. After the election they were oke again.

So, Mom’s story will continue tomorrow. I hope you join us.

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