Thursday, January 28, 2010


My old computer went to the great computer cemetery in Best Buy. After being drawn to a new, faster computer, one that would not be so hard on my hands, I found that all of the information that was to be downloaded was missing. Long story short: For 3 days I’ve been trying to get my computer set up with all of my files in residence. Downside: Computer is faster than the user. A new learning curve.

Also, the following is necessary dribble about future missing blog days: I am having 3 hand surgeries this year. The first will be next Monday. I am going to see how I am feeling so forgive me if I miss days of writing. Believe me, I miss it as much as maybe you do. I will be using my left hand as much as possible to keep up. So please be patient. I will do my best to stay on target and on my blog.

I peddled my bike from house to house down Neff Road, Red River-West Grove Road, and Byreley Road selling potato chips, a middle school class project. The target? An ugly red and white stuffed, autograph cat.

Autograph book. Not the type that movie stars sign but those containing warm thoughts, crazy thoughts, names of friends. In my elementary and middle school years, we had memory books with all of the class pictures in the front and pages for autographs in the back.

7th Grade (1959):

Dear Pam - When you get married and have twins, don’t come to my house for safety pins…..Judy Neff

I’ll be yours until the cow takes her bag shopping. Pam ‘n Jim. (Who the heck was Jim????)

Dear Pam - I (drawing of car/auto) cry, I (auto) laugh, I (auto) sign, My (auto) graph…..Love, Mary

8th Grade:

Higher the mountain, Cooler the breeze, Younger the couple The tighter the squeeze…..writer unknown

Dear Pam - When you marry Jerry and have twins, don’t come to my house for safety pins…..Judy Neff (Hm, I remember Jerry)

Dear Pam - Roses are red, Grass is green, Your mouth runs like a sewing machine. Yours until the river wears pants to keep its bottom dry…..Linda (friend?!)

Autograph books. I have my mother’s autograph book dated 1925:

Friend Ruth - If paw says yes and maw says no, no is correct….John Lavey

Dear Ruth – You are now about fiften, Full of fun – just a little green, May your life be happy to the end, Always count me your loving friend….Welma Johnson (Mom’s sister-in-law)

Dear Ruth – Remember me now, Remember me then, Remember me in the old hog pen….Major Beam

Dear Ruth – The doors locked, The keys in the cellar, Nobodys home but you and your feller…..Zelma Besecker

Dear Ruth – A coat is warm, And so is a sweater, But one of your kisses, Would be much better…..Your school friend, Willard Loxley (my dad)

Autograph books. I have pages from my grandmother’s (Mettie Besecker) autograph book dated 1891.

Friend Mettie – Your album is a garden spot, For all your friends to sow, I’ll plant a sweet “Forget me not”, And see if it will grow….Compliments and best wishes, Lucinda Swinger

To Sister – If Mother says no this or that, Don’t say what for or why, But let her hear your gentle voice, Mother dear I try….written by your sister

Autographs. Maybe yearbooks replaced autograph albums. Notes from classmates once thought something you would prize forever now collecting dust with no sentiment for anyone else.

Potato chip sales were high enough for me to win possession of the autograph cat. A few years ago when we were going through the house, we ran across the old cat now yellowed, bent and even uglier. I looked at the names wondering why it was so important back then. Yet now I look at my mother’s autograph book and the one my grandma cherised holding something that once they held dear in their youth.

Autographs. Send a stamped envelope and $10, and I will send you mine. For an additional $10, I will make up a verse. Autographs.

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