Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Place for Everything

In England, I discovered that houses did not have closets. Wardrobes were used for most of the storage. Not to say that there were no closets, but in the houses we visited, there were no closets.

Our house on Neff Road before the remodel had two small closets upstairs and the big walk-in closet that took the place of a wardrobe.

Grandad Loxley's home had a huge walk-in closet between bedrooms and a linen closet. Pop Johnson's house had a closet under the stairs. In thinking back, I don't remember closets in many homes.

I wonder when the idea of building a house with closets came into being. Obviously, old cabins didn't have closets. One room school houses didn't have closets. The house in England was probably built in the 70's and stil had no closets. So when did the closets make the scene and where was everything stored?????? Barns? Attics? Fruit cellars????

I never have enough closet space. It's not that I have that much, but I do have things from my past that I treasure as well as toys for the kids. Right now I have wedding presents stored in a closet. I have puzzles and games. I have piles of sheet music and papers that I need to keep. My kitchen is small, but I don't like to cook.

Mom and Dad remodeled the house after their girls were out on their own. They built an attic over a new garage. When the farm sold, we found it only partially full. The fruit room in the cellar was neatly packed with things. The old walk-in closet held many things in cabinets and boxes. Yet, at the sale, a flat bed wagon was filled with fabric, patterns, etc. Furniture filled the lawn, some that we hadn't really noticed or thought of much more than something that held things in the house. Games, toys and other items for children were pulled from every nook and cranny. Old hats, petticoats, my old pointy shoes still resided in the closet. Boxes of greeting cards, old diaries and pictures flooded the floor giving us much conversation and great memories.

Closets. Keepers for the junk we seldom use. Keepers of the 'might need some day'. Keepers of the memories. Wonderful places to hide presents.

Hm, closets. Wasn't there a water closet as well?

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