Friday, January 22, 2010

A Teenager in 1931

Once again, I am going back to another of Mom’s diaries from her high school years in 1931. I hope you enjoy a look at a teenager’s life on the farm, a love in bloom and all the things that were part of the life in the area of Neff Road back then. I will post all of each month in one blog as we pass through the year.

1 Had an oyster supper in eve. Surprised the folks. Class meeting at Rhoades but I didn’t go.
2 Basketball practice in the afternoon. Icy weather. (Mom played basketball)
3 Home all day as the weather was bad.
4 At Greenville in the afternoon Young’s in eve.
5 Went to Sunday school in morn with Willard to Harris Creek in eve to hear Gettysburg’s men’s chorus.
6 Vacation over and must go back to school today. Rather icy.
7 Willard here awhile in eve.

8 Basketball game with Pleasant Hill. Both teams won. Lyle (Mom’s nephew) smashed his thumb.
9 Beautiful day at school.
10 Played Arcanum. Both teams won. Score was close. Edna Morris went with folks.
11 Stripped tobacco all day. Tired in eve.
12 Went to Sunday school. Charles Morris here all day to play with Lyle. All of Morris’s here in eve.
13 Willard here in eve.
14 Received a letter from Iva and Bessie. (Her sister’s. Lyle was Iva’s son)

15 Basketball practice in eve. Willard here in eve. Letter from Doc. (Doc had a crush on Mom)
16 Test in English.
17 Test in Civics. Basketball game with Jackson. Girls won. Boys lost
18 Went to Sunday school. Grandma and Leland here in afternoon. Willard here in eve.
19 Test in Geometry. To Robert’s (her brother) in eve.
20 Seniors went to Greenville to see a trial, jail and court house. Had a good time. (Hm. Makes one wonder.)
21 Test in Physics. Alumni had show ‘Grandma’s Boy’ in eve. Doc and his girl there, met her. Came home with Willard.

22 At home sick. Mom and Pop stripped tobacco.
23 Home. Did not feel well. Played Gettysburg. Girls lost. I did not play.
24 To town with Roberts in eve. Willard came when I got back. Joe Evans’ married.
25 To Sunday school in morn. Went home with Margaret and Mildred Williamson. Doc up.
26 Practiced basketball in eve. Isaiah Krieder died.
27 Lyle got up with chicken pox. Went with John Rhoades to FHS. Willard here after John left.
28 Institute at Franklin. Attended all day and eve. I played.

29 Nothing written
30 Basketball game with Arcanum. Won.
31 Class meeting at home of Olive Aukerman. Went with Willard.

A teenagers life, another time, names of parents whose children I knew. Life around Neff Road.

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