Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Heart Day Cards

Absent. Yes, there are days I will be absent. As I have already said on my other blog family, friends and time in my own space come first over my blog. So if I miss a day or so, please wait for me. I will return.

Second grade Valentine’s. Pages filled with once more with glued cards. This time, in 1955, Mom wrote the names of the sender on the front of the card. I got a card from my sister in college. I got another one from Dickie Neff. Most interesting is a note evidently not returned to the sender. It reads:

‘I love you Pam. Do you love me? Say yes or no. (written in green pencil beneath the ‘yes or no’ is written ‘mabe’. John Gard.

I don’t remember ever loving John Gard. In fact, I don’t even know what happened to him. Evidently, he moved on since I still have the note glued in my scrapbook. I’m sure it gave my mother a chuckle or two.

In 1956,third grade, I got another card from my sister in North Manchester. Nice to know she thought of me. Connie Welbaum sent me a card that took up most of a page. Bonita Stryker gave me a lollipop. So did Marilyn Unger. It was a good year for my sweet tooth. Dickie sent a card with blue birds singing “Let’s sing a love song together.” He moved that year.

Yesterday I went to both of my granddaughter’s school parties. Gabby loved handing out her cards and was thrilled to find her bag filled with tattoos, suckers and lots of cards. Cupcakes were devoured and heart designs made for them to give to someone they loved. Gabby made hers for her sister.

Syd’s party was a bit more grown up. Hearts on wands were stuck in hair, pointed at other kids and placed on their desks at the teacher’s recommendation. I helped with my one-handedness as the kids glued pictures and magnets under glass. Syd made an extra one for her sister.

It’s so nice to have someone tell you that they love you, even if your name is just on a list and the other kids are required to send you a card. A Charlie Brown existence is hard on the soul. It’s hard on the heart.

I had fun on Valentine’s Days over the years on Neff Road. Those memories come alive once more each February 14.

Happy Valentines Day.

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