Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Neighbors. Often I write of our country neighbors, but there are not enough words to capture the spirit of friendship and concern that resided on Neff Road.

Doris was in her yard when she looked across the road to see my best friend, Brenda, building a burn pile in the barnyard.

Doris was always good at keeping an eye on Neff Road. Living close to the road near the bottom of our lane, she and Victor were well entertained at the comings and goings at the Loxley farm. Throughout our lives we stopped to sit on the stoop and visit. They watched as we children played in the yard and walked to the bridge. They were our protectors.

Doris happened to look over as Brenda tossed a liquid onto the fire. The fire traveled across the fumes capturing my dear friend. Doris grabbed a blanket and ran the short distance to burning child. The fire out, she placed Brenda in the car and drove to the hospital in Greenville. With minimal scarring, Brenda survived. Without hesitation and with a watchful eye for her neighbors, Doris saved my friend.

No longer on the farm at the bottom of our lane, she sits in a room much as she had the old stoop. The last time I visited we talked of old time. Her hug was a blessing to my aching heart that misses them so. Gratitude and love for two people who were a daily part of my life on the farm is overwhelming. Neighbors. Yes, neighbors, but moreover family.

There was never a question as to who you would run to on Neff Road if help was needed. I need only to have run to the bottom of the lane to find arms that would hold me, a warm house that would welcome me and love that would see me through even the worst.

I click my heels together and whisper, “There’s no place like home.”


LJL said...

Wow. I think I went along on that ride to the hospital. Thanks for the memory jog.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

I wondered if perhaps you weren't along for the ride.