Friday, February 19, 2010

Ohio Caverns

At the bottom of the steps we entered a wonderland. This small child cautiously walked down the steps leading into the scary hole. Years later I would visit the Ohio Caverns again.

Aunt Kate and Uncle Keith took me along with my two elementary-aged children on a trip to see the Ohio Caverns. Instead of walking down the stair, an elevator was available for transport. My children had never seen stalactites or stalagmites. They are a wonder to behold. I enjoyed tagging along as my aunt and uncle explained the caves and the stony icicles to my children. We walked the long path under the earth’s crust in the bowels of the earth marveling at the treasures that unfolded. James and Stacey were captivated as I was a child.

Later we stopped at castle that I believe was in Sidney. Again, Aunt Kate and Uncle Keith took the children under their wings investigating nooks and crannies, joking about one of the first indoor toilets and learning history together. Most of all, they were bonding with these kids who knew little of their great aunt and great uncle.

This bond firmly in place we packed into the car and headed to Greenville Park to play shuffleboard. I’d never played. I thought only old people played. With total delight, Uncle Keith got us all on track with the rules and regulations of the ‘board’. Teasing, laughter and moments etched forever for three generations happened over shuffling.

My granddaughters would like to go to see where I grew up, to walk to the bridge down Neff Road. I would like for them to have some memories of a place where I once lived. Perhaps from my writing they will someday know the people who share the same genes with them, those who touched my life. Maybe they will dig a little deeper, settle in for a time and make their own discoveries of another time and a place once home to their grandma, a place of their roots.

As the stalactites and stalagmites hang in suspended animation, so to do our memories to be taken out one day and shared with a new generation.

BTW, I don’t know who the man is in the pictures, but that is one great stalactite.

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