Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Row of Flowers

I remember the iris. Mom’s iris bordered the field at the bottom of the hill, the hill where we would sled in the winter, roll down in the summer and where we hung wet clothes to dry. A long line of iris that framed the view to the east.

Margaret had iris to the back of her house between the lawn and the field. Doris had flowers along fence rows as well. Of course, when the fences went away, the flowers stayed. They separated work from family framing the yards so we knew where one ended and the other began.

I remember as a child looking into the huge iris thinking that three fuzzy caterpillars were living there resting on the petal. Brenda and I would pet the caterpillars and later in the summer cause the snapdragons snap their floral mouths. Margaret would yell at us to leave her flowers alone.

I liked the idea of the rows of flowers separating the black soil from the lush green. I like that as you passed by homes on Neff Road, you were greeted with the same type of floral hedge bringing warmth to the barns and equipment. We actually had a fence next to our home on Teagues South. Sweet peas climbed in random abandon making wire and post lovely. I once had a boyfriend who called me ‘Sweet pea’. I do believe it was a compliment.

I remember when Mom and Dad dug out the iris. I’m not sure if it made mowing easier or the field a couple of inches wider. The tree in that row of flowers was cut down as well. The row of flowers moved to the barn replacing scraggly shrubs with day lilies. The row of flowers would not be put aside. It just moved from time to time.

What a lovely idea this separation of fields by rows of flowers. I wish all of the fields had been separated the same. For wherever your work would take you, so too would the beauty that nature possessed.

In town the fences go up separating neighbors. I wonder if some day they will be replaced with rows of flowers.

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