Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taco Soup

On the mend from my hand surgery and typing slowly, I have every intention of picking up speed with my left hand. Good to be back.

I’m being well taken care of. Friends are bringing in meals for the invalid and giving me glimpses of the world outside. I am in captivity and eager for escape.

I cannot go through this without thinking of the generosity of Neff Road. When someone was in need of attention, our kitchen became a flurry of activity. Pies were baked, hams were bake, noodles were cooked. The car was filled with food. Mom would walk into the house with her goodies and immediately go into action doing what she could to make the situation better. It was her way.

When Mom had surgery, I returned to Ohio to help her. I never needed to worry about meals. Someone was always there to visit bringing food for the body or for the soul. I was never a stranger to Neff Road.
It is the way of the country. A tradition from the earliest days of the settlers where survival depended on the closeness of neighbors. It was the way of Neff Road.

Nice to be home again. Thank you for waiting. I think I’ll go have a bowl of taco soup……

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