Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Neff Roadians

This is my personal Valentine to my friends, my family, my life on Neff Road.

Rowena lived in the house on the corner of Neff Road and Pitsburg/Gettysburg Road. She lived there until the 3rd grade then moved. Her father was our minister. He baptized me and was part of our wedding service at Painter Creek Church. Rowena was a Valentine.

Aunt Kate and Uncle Keith lived on down the road. The older I got, the dearer they were to me. I spent many hours playing with Kenton and followed Karen around like an adoring fan. My Valentines filled this house.

On the same side of the road lived Lena and Raymond. Mom and Dad would travel with them to our home in Wisconsin and later to Oregon. They were so dear to me. Two special Valentines loved me.

Janet lives on the corner of Byrley and Neff Road. She has become a dear friend, one I look forward to visiting soon. Neff Roadians know how special are those who live next door.

Brenda and her family were my family, too. A bond once began by two little girls has grown into a lifetime of families caring about one another. Margaret and Hollie were my other parents. Valentines continue from that home.

Doris and Victor gave me more family to love as well. Their house represented continual love, hugs and laughter. Through Facebook I can go home to visit with Merrill and Lowell John once more. Their home gave me more Valentines.

Then we got to the Loxley lane. Hand-holding, hugging parents taught us about love. Sisters embracing one another growing closer over the years are cherished Valentine’s. Families drawn together despite the miles indeed makes the heart stronger and the love deeper.

I send Valentine wishes to you in this year of 2010. For those on Neff Road, the Valentine’s box was always full to overflowing.

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