Thursday, March 4, 2010

All That Is Old Was New

Yoder’s store sits at the end of the main street. Hitching posts for horses are available as well as parking spaces for cars. Straw hats, bonnets, canning jars, tables of fabric and other items for the Amish community are available in this unique store. Along with the simple items are a few souvenirs for those of us who come to visit the small town.

My sister, June, and I love trekking to the little village for the Wednesday auctions. The room is full of everything from an Amish wash rack to leaded windows. My camelback trunk came from one of these sales. For two auction lovers, this is paradise.

June and I have done this auction thing for a good many years. Auctions, antique stores and sales are creative destinations for us. June looks for items she can repair or refinish. I look for items that are just interesting and fun. My kids would say I have a definite bend toward collecting trunks. Well, for a single woman living in a small place, trunks work for tables and storage. A win, win for me.

Visiting my sister gets the antiquing juices flowing. In Key West we will poke around out-of-the-way places looking for the unusual. In Virginia, our second stop, we will probably visit the same antique stores as in the past. And finally, it looks like we will have two Wednesdays’ worth of antiquing in the little town with horses. Life is good for the Loxley girls.

I don’t know what it is that has drawn us to antiques. An old wooden tool box holds books. A smaller, red, toolbox holds magazines. A pewter frog (a holder that sits in the bottom of a vase to hold flowers in place) has become my pencil holder. Indian baskets hang on my walls as well as my mother’s old beaver hat. Dad’s old sled sits in the corner making me smile. An old crock jug sits by the hearth. The list goes on. Memories, pieces of the past, something no longer available in a store.

Shopping for antiques in a little town with hitching posts is in itself a reflection of another time. A time when all that is old was new. Ah, here we come Shipshewana.


LJL said...

I wondered if you were alluding to Shipshewana. We were there in October for Parade of Pianos. My sister-in-law was in charge of that production. From there we travelled to Tennessee. I drive their bus occasionally. Nice little town - Shipshewana.

jlr said...

Today is such a beautiful day on Neff Rd., just wanted to tell you. The red sun was coming up over Grandpa's barn when I went to get the paper. Birds singing, skies are blue, spring is just around the corner! Looking forward to seeing you soon, Pam!