Thursday, March 18, 2010

Diapers! Argh!

Babysit? I hated babysitting. For all of the babies and children of various ages my mother had taken care of, her daughters did not know how to babysit for young children. Argh! Babysitting.

“Pam, Dolores needs a babysitter,” Mom said. I wasn’t asked. She just told me. I had NEVER babysat before and now I was being turned loose with two small neighbor kids and one baby. I couldn’t have been more terrified than if I’d been tied to a train track. Good news is that all three children survived the experience, the house did not burn down and the babysitter actually managed to do a decent job…..never to babysit again.

Some people are just made for babysitting and some….ARE NOT. Mom was the queen of babysitting. She didn’t babysit. The kids just came over and were part of the daily scene. No fuss. Mom just went on as normal with a child playing in the buckets of toys or a baby asleep in the nursery. I never changed a diaper. Never fed one of those little urchins. I would venture to say that all three of the Loxley girls were terrified of the little creatures. Needless to say, Mom did not nurture her daughters to be mothers.

From that experience down the road and back the lane to the old brick house on Red River-West Grove Road, I gained a couple of piano students and the parents became friends. Through Facebook I have gained their daughter back into my life learning that she still plays the piano and has grown to be a wonderful woman.

I never have been comfy with babysitting. I still can’t change the diaper of a baby outside of the family loop without gagging. The children who go to school with my granddaughters hug me and are my friends, but they are older and more maintenance free. Mother’s were not nurtured back the lane on Neff Road. We didn’t learn to cook, we didn’t learn to care for babies. I’m pretty proud of these girls who grew up there, because they did learn to be strong, caring women who can laugh at the struggles and who learned lessons from those struggles back that lane in the big white house.

Ah, Neff Road, you taught me much.

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Anonymous said...

I believe I actually remember that time you babysat too! Seems to me you played "Hide 'n Seek" with us and I recall hiding behind a rocker just giggling! I'm so glad you came into our lives all those years ago, and I know my family adored Ruth & Willard and still loves Peggy, June and you to this day! Thank you for being the lovely friend that you are.