Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finding Neff Road

Facebook has brought Darke County home to me again. Old friends are found once more. News travels more quickly.

Old neighbors are once more found and memories shared. Updates from Neff Road come no longer from my mother via the phone but from those who knew our family, the one who lived up the lane.

This week I found out that my best friend will be the grandma of twins. I called to scold her for not telling me. “How did you find out?! I was going to surprise you when you arrived here!” I found out on Facebook from her daughter in Ireland. Yes, Neff Road is just a click away.

Another note reached me today. A high school friend I found on Facebook was contacted by another alumna. In turn, we will all be in touch and the years will melt away. I love this catching up with people who have passed through my life. Once more we can go forward together in new ways and with new memories. Neighbor kids who have been separated by years and miles are once more Neff Road kids catching up with the years.

My parents would love this new way of finding names from the past. They would be delighted that the Neff Road families have not lost touch with one another. They would delight in the pictures just as I do.

“I want to go to the farm,” Gabby told me this morning. “I want to see where you grew up. Did Mommy grow up there?” Again the same conversation with my grandchild that I have had often over the years with her and her sister. Neff Road is a world away from them, a mystery. They cannot find it on Facebook, yet those who were here from Neff Road for the wedding are now their new friends as well.

“Am I a Loxley?” she asks. The family tree is explained once more in the most simplest of terms. “Do I have your blood in me?” “You have a funny letter in your name. ‘X’.” The questions go on and on. Oh, yes, we need a trip to Neff Road.

I look forward to adding more names to my friends in Facebook after my visit home. I look forward to more years of more memories shared on a computer screen. The past is drawn into the present. Those lost are once more found. And, I am once more walking with my friends on Neff Road.


Nana Jo said...

My children, especially my daughter, have been after me to sign up for a facebook account for a long time. After reading this, I am leaning towards doing so. This web of connection and all its nuances are beckoning.

Anonymous said...

I, like you, love hearing of home and friends from our past. It is pure joy that you too are amongst them! I so enjoy reading your blogs and remembering the past along with you. You are such a blessing in so many ways Pam!